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Integrated Drug Discovery

Having experience in both pharma and biotech R&D, we are well aware of what it means to discover a hit and transform it into a drug.

Structural Biology

Expertise in development of biologically active chemical compounds for multiple pharmaceutical companies.

Recombinant protein production

Customized design of protein production strategy according to client-supplied or published method

Assay development and screening

Offers custom assay development and screening services, allowing testing of 10,000 compounds a day.


Chemistry is the core of any small molecule discovery program, offering a variety of custom chemistry support.


Early characterization of in vitro absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) and in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) properties.

In-vitro Pharmacology

The biology offered at Clearsynth provides a protein-to cell way for the development of pharmacologically active compounds and production of recombinant proteins.

In-vivo Pharmacology

Numerous disease models built within the pharmaceutical industries enable our highly professional in-vivo pharmacology team to support diverse drug discovery projects.

Translational research

We develop translational strategies to enable smooth transition of candidate molecules into the clinic,also designing and performing in vitro studies on primary human cells.


Successful drug development requires precise evaluation of the safety profile of new drug candidates. Clearsynth's toxicology group supports drug safety assessment.