Integrated Drug Discovery

A holistic and collaborative approach in the process of developing new pharmaceutical drug entity.

Integrated Drug Discovery Services

Clearsynth is a Contract Research Organization providing services like Preclinical drug discovery (from conceptualization to pre clinical POC) using different Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AI/ML) tools. The R&D team is capable of working on diverse projects starting from identifying key therapeutic areas, Identification of HIT, Optimization from HIT to lead and in Vivo POC establish in animal disease model.

Computational drug discovery
Computational drug discovery plays a vital role by providing powerful tools and methods to understand, model, and optimize the interactions between drugs and biological targets. It involves the use of computational techniques to simulate and predict the behavior of molecules, which can significantly accelerate the drug discovery process.

  • Target ID & validation

  • Virtual screening

  • Fragment based hit identification

  • Molecular docking

  • Denovo ligand design

  • Scaffold hopping

  • QSAR studies

  • e-ADME analysis

  • Isostere predictions

  • ADMET modeling

Chemistry services
Medicinal & synthetic chemistry:

The goal is to discover and develop new therapeutic agents that are effective, safe, and selective in treating or preventing diseases. Clearsynth has an expertise in the following services:

  • Designing of the compound for the desired therapeutic target using computational approach.

  • Hit identification, hit to lead optimization and development of clinical candidate nomination.

  • Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) generation.

  • Route scouting, combinatorial library design and synthesis

  • Designing of covalent inhibitors and libraries

  • Expertise in the synthesis of chiral compounds, metabolites, Isotope label compounds and impurities synthesis.

Analytical Chemistry:

Analytical chemistry involves different techniques such as infrared (IR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and mass spectrometry to identify functional groups and molecular structures. providing essential information for quality control, research, environmental monitoring, and many other fields. Advances in instrumentation, automation, and data analysis continue to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of analytical techniques.

List of Equipment
Name of Instruments Instrument brand Number of instruments
600 MHz Bio NMR Bruker 1
ICP MS Perkin Elmer 1
GC-HS/MS Thermo 1
LCMS AB Sciex and Shimadzu 2
TGA Perkin Elmer 1
Prep HPLC Shimadzu 2
HPLC Waters 3
Dionex 1
Thermo 6
Flash System SapaBean 1
Coulometer Metrohm 1
IR Shimadzu 1
Pre-clinical Biology:

It involves a series of studies and experiments conducted in the laboratory and in animal models to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of a potential drug candidate before advancing to human clinical trials. The primary goals of preclinical development are to gather sufficient data to support the Investigational New Drug (IND) application to regulatory authorities and to identify potential risks and benefits associated with the drug candidate.

  • Cell-free and cell-based assay

  • In vitro and In vivo assay

  • In vivo animal model

  • In vitro ADME

  • In Vivo Toxicology (GLP and Non-GLP)

Physiochemical and DMPK:

DMPK is crucial in optimizing drug candidates for safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance during the drug development process. Clearsynth collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to enhance the success of their drug development programs.

  • Physicochemical analysis

  • Permeability assay

  • Metabolism assay

  • Distribution and Excretion

  • Pharmacokinetics