About Us

Clearsynth is an innovative and research-driven company and has expertise in Pre-clinical, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, and Clinical Studies. We have a successful record in the development of molecules from HIT to LEAD, LEAD to LEAD optimization, and POC in animal disease models. Our mission is to provide quality services and to represent the best interest of our clients in an ethical, timely, and cost-effective manner

Our Values

Respect. Integrity. Trust - Our core values are built on these three strong

Our Purpose

We are passionately driven by our purpose to accelerate & innovate research

Our Responsibility

We care about the environment which makes 'Sustainable' activities an integral part of all our strategies

  • Strict Quality Practices

  • State of the Art Equipments

  • Customized Solutions

R&D Center (Hyderabad)

Heart of Innovation and Precision

A space meticulously designed to inspire groundbreaking discoveries and elevate the boundaries of possibility.

  • 5 Floors - Curated with Cutting-Edge Equipments

  • 350+ Scientists and Support Staff

  • 40,000 Sq.ft. + Facility

We drive scientific progress by shaping tomorrow's discoveries, empowering researchers to explore uncharted territories and make groundbreaking advancements


Help researchers globally
by expediting deliveries and ensuring product precision

We have in-house capability for the identification of potential candidates for Deuteration and POC establishment. Clearsynth has expertise in the bulk production of drug molecules and the development of formulations. We also support our clients with pre-IND enabling studies